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annie besnt01aA global network of highly educated, successful active Hindus, Sikhs and Jains all of whom have been observing that the Dharmic communities in every corner of the world are either exploited or oppressed. In Europe and the America's, white Christian nations, we are exploited for our work ethic and our intellectual capacity, but when ever we try and speak of our Dharma, see the walls come up. In most of these countries the Dharmic traditions are not even legally recognised as state acknowledged religions - in a nutshell we work and contribute to taxes but only to the point where we do not impact upon the status quo - thats when we find out the truth of our acceptance. They want our Yoga, they want our Ayurveda but they want it without any mention of our spiritual traditions and without any threat to Christianity.
As Islam takes hold in Europe we found that attacks by Muslim gangs on our daughters were increasing and the authorities were offering NO Protection - on the contrary they were bending over backwards to emphisise "Its not a Muslim problem". On the other hand the establishment has taken every possible measure to vilify and denigrate Hindus - Caste, Poverty, Crazy Gods, Sati, Cow worship etc are the stereotypes which our children are growing up with ... and this is deliberate. It prevents the home population from gravitating towards the Dharmic traditions and it makes our young generations feel defective and therefore more amenable to Conversion. The Dharmic traditions are children of a Hindu vision, born and nurtured in the homeland of the Hindus. This Hidu Homeland needs to be protected and the day is drawing near when global Hindu diaspora will need its shelter, its homeland.

We have networks in India and the USA, Bangladesh and Pakistan, the UK and Europe and our reach is expanding on a daily basis. Please join us, register with us and even if all you can do is share our messages and vision, forward our posts or helkp build a bigger network, even that is most welcome. if you have really understand the urgency and the scale of the challenge, we are confident you will want to do much more.

Our Mission and Vision

Our objectives are as follows:-
  • Connect every Hindu on the planet with the vision of the Hindu Homeland
  • To Inform, Educate and lobby Governments and Parliaments, the International Court of Human Rights at the Hague and the European Court of Justice on the issues which are harming the Hindu communities inside and outside of India
  • To challenge the work of Muslim and Christian extremists inside India in the above fora.
  • To educate the people of the former colonial masters about the magnitude of what was done by their masters and in their name, and what is still being done and concealed from them. The British people need to know about the activities of teh Church of Engkand in Colonial India, as do the Portuguese and the Dutch  - there is a story to be told.
  • To create a pulsating resource where any Hindu can come and be nourished as a member of the world oldest most advanced spiritual, economic, educational and ecological traditions
  • To help Hindus to heal after experiencing 1400 years of attempted ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Diversity needs to become United

The Dharmic traditions are diverse and myriad and this is there saving grace. Where other nations have fallen and other indigenous tradiitonas have been culturally decapitated, Dharmic traditions have resisted the onslaughts for over 1400 years. But the batte is now well under way and there is a dire need for the Dharmic family to connect, to come together and to fight the forces of ignorance and belief which would destroy freedom of experience, thought and speech. Please add your strength to that of every other Dharmic being.

Our Volunteers, offices and networks

globalmap600We will work with anyone who undestands the need for a Hindu Homeland, one in which the peaceful non violent Dharmic families can be safe and can pcontinue preserving their anciante knowledge of life on this planet and its harmonious interconnectedness , for all future generations to come. We ar connected with the VHP, the HSS, the World Hindu Congress, the World Hindu Federation,  countless Temples and also many Hindu national and international umbrella bodies. We are the only ones solely focussed on the paramount need for a Hindu Homeland, in India.
Please remember, there is only one nation which is uniquely Hindu, where the tradition of freedom of expression and worship dates back to well over 5,500 continuous years of tranquility. Help us to preserve it, to protect it as a national heritage of humanity, and to promote its unique, deeply humanist and spiritualist vision. Please join us now..